Friday, October 7, 2011

Last Night of Waiting...

One more sleep and the wait will be over...I am so anxious to know one way or another if this cycle worked or not. As the week has slowly crept by I have only gotten more and more anxious.

I am not very confident that I am pregnant. My gut says no, but then again it did last time too. I also have to keep in mind that any "symptoms" will be milder because their might only be one (if any) little one in there. Last time there were two and my levels were crazy high.

My bestie at school bought me a bracelet with a "hope" charm on it to remind me to believe getting pregnant is possible. It has a stretchy elastic band and she tells me that when ever I am a doubter I should pull it and let it go in order to "snap" out of it! I've tried it a few times and it helps.

I am still a doubter, but I am trying to balance it with a bit of hope.

Tomorrow I will see how much hope is left.


  1. The waiting is the absolute worst part. Hang in there!!

  2. Waiting with you! I know how hard it is to believe something hood could actually happen...I'm still struggling with this belief.