Monday, May 20, 2013

One Space

I imported all my posts from my other blog (A Speck of Hope) so that everything is on this one space. If you use a RSS reader and it exploded with posts, my apologies for the influx. It just feels like I shouldn't be separating my life and thoughts into two journals. Everything is all blended together in real life (grief, joy, my three sons, etc.) and so it is here.

I made another trip up to my home town and this time I made sure to stop by the cemetery to visit William & Ethan. I had Maxwell with me...the first time all three of my boys were in the same place (other than hanging out in a petri dish post-retrieval during our very first IVF cycle that resulted in me getting pregnant with the twins). There were tears (mine) and a brief introduction. I promised Maxwell he would know his brothers as best as we could and I would tell him all about them as he grew up and could better understand. We picked some lilacs and left them on the twins' stone and headed home. Another merging of my worlds and wishing that I could blend this one in a much happier way, but knowing it will never be.

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