Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sleep, Or lack there of...

Maxwell has never been a superstar sleeper. A beast of my own making I'm sure, but it has gotten ridiculous.

Over the summer we fell into a routine where he woke up and needed resettling 2-3 times a night. Not ideal, but not horrible either. And then he started daycare...

I don't know if it is a sleep regression, a response to daytime separation anxiety or some blend of the two. Maxwell's night waking has increased to approx 5-6 times a night. Yeah- fabulous for a teacher who is supposed to be functioning and responsible.

I knew illness would be a part of going to daycare, but my poor boy has been sick and or teething since he started almost a month ago. This weekend brought about a doozy of a cold...croup and even worse sleep habits. He refuses to be put in his crib and only sleeps for more than an hour if I holding him. 

I am exhausted and frustrated..,I know this will pass. It certainly can't continue. Sleep training is under consideration because I can't function not to mention it can't be good for him either.

I actually miss the nights with 2-3 wake ups. A baby that sleeps through the night is my dream fantasy...it must be awesome.


  1. Pure exhaustion. It is one of the things I struggle with the most Mama-guilt about, changes in my world that cause changes in hers. There is nothing you can do about day care colds and separation anxiety and although we would want to shield them from everything there can be good from these things too. All in all, leaves you exhausted from lack of sleep, Mama guilt and simply being drained.

  2. Oh my, so sorry!!! Lack of sleep & exhaustion have definitely been some of the most difficult parenting challenges I've experienced! Back when I was working before we moved Ian also suffered from one cold after the next, it was awful but our pediatrician said it does help to build their immune systems so when they go to school they don't get sick as often. Hope things improve for you soon!!

    Thank you for your kind encouraging words!! Interesting how different clinics handle that!