Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So Much Is Going On...

Last week I didn't post about my appointment with my RE. I meant to, I just got wound up in prepping for my school's art show at the end of the month and the March for Babies. There is much to share.

The appointment went well. I have some testing (bloodwork, saline sonogram) to take of this cycle. After consulting with my doctor we are going to try for a single embryo transfer in August. There is part of me that is comfortable with this plan and a whole other that wants to try for twins again...even if the chance is small. My dr felt that our current plan is safer. However, if the August transfer is unsuccessful we go back to two embryo transfers to up the odds in spite of the multiples risk. I am still scared shitless but pleased that there is a plan.

The March for Babies was a huge success... The weather was wonderful, I was surrounded by friends and family and we have raised over $3,000!!! I expected to feel more emotional, but I felt good. Our shirts arrived in time and looked great. I was hoping to share a few photos but my computer died so I have to post via my iPod.

Today I had a rough day but was able to keep it together for the most part. I think with Mothers Day coming up my loss is hitting me harder than it has lately. I also found out a coworker is is a teacher I adore otherwise I think it might be harder to deal with. What nearly did me in today was the innocent, pure thought of one of my first grade students. They finished glazing their clay sculptures early and had some choice time...most students choose to draw. Sweet little "M" handed my a well drawn picture and in her most sincere way told me "I drew this baby for you since you can't have your twins. Happy Mothers Day." itboggles my mind how intuitive such young children are sometimes.


  1. Oh, that student's comment just melts my heart.

    I'll be thinking of you and your twins on mother's day...

  2. That was so incredibly sweet of "M".
    You and your little ones are in my thoughts and prayers this Mothers Day