Saturday, February 25, 2012

14 Weeks, So long 1st Trimester

As far as I can tell things are going well. Other than the obvious nervousness and insanely crazy anxiety dreams I keep having (which I won't describe because they are that disturbing) I feel ok about this pregnancy so far.

Thanks to my expanding waistline I now need to use the rubber band trick on nearly all of my pants! I even broke out some of my maternity clothing and I forgot I had I great pair of low-waisted jeans that are uber comfy (not the full panel kind). It won't be long before it is pretty obvious that I am preggers and not just munching too many donuts, which I am but that is besides the point.

The only challenge I am having is sharing our news. Not so excited about that to be honest. Those closest to me already know and I have told a few other people but I am not planning any grand announcement. I think hubby would like to, but I have real reservations. Other than being terrified that something will go wrong, there is no reason not to share this pregnancy. My principle wants to let the staff know (mainly so they don't ask me for lots of extra project help and won't be surprised if I am suddenly put on leave) and I am kind of dreading dealing with all of the extra attention.

My next appointment with my regular OB is this coming Tuesday. A little confirmation that things are still ok would be wonderful...please, oh, please let everything be ok!!!


  1. Glad you're still hanging in there! I don't have the slightest idea how I would approach telling news of a subsequent pregnancy at this point...heavy stuff!


  2. One day at a time my friend, in pregnancy after loss that's the best advice I can give. Each day, each week is a milestone, lots of deep breaths and trying to celebrate each little step of progress.

  3. Hoping right along with you. I know there's a sigh of relief to be out of the first trimester, along with a nagging anxiety that will only grow as you move into the second... But I am so hopeful for you, and wishing you the very best. Sharing the news is difficult, but I have found that the vast majority of people are not douche-bags about it.