Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Looking good!

Today was my first appointment with my regular OB...I was more than a little nervous, had a laundry list of questions and needed a lot of reassurance that everything was ok.

One thing I love about my doctor is that she usually answers my questions before I even ask them. As soon as she walked into the exam room, after she told me how thrilled she was for me, she immediately laid out her plan. I was a little caught off guard, but had her review it again during our q&a in her office.

Basically the general plan is to have a consult appointment with a MFM specialist in which, if it goes as she anticipates, I will have regular cervical monitoring and additional appointments. If signs of dilation or funneling occur we will discuss a cerclage, bedrest, etc. In addition, my doctor thinks progesterone support, in the form of P17 shots, will help. Apparently there is a company that comes to your house to administer the shots.

That is basically it for now, but as she said, the plan will develop as my pregnancy progresses. I can live with that. The only part of the plan that I didn't really get settled was my time at work. She didn't feel that at this stage being on my feet as much as I am was a concern, but was understanding of my concern. She did say that the MFM may have more to say. The one thing that she was concerned about was my exposure to germs, but that short of wearing a mask I was doing the best I can and to continue to have conversations with the school nurse about what is going around.

My exam ended on the best possible note...another peek at our ever growing speck! It was such a relief to see the flutter of the heart beat and a joy to see Speck twist and wave! S/he was very wiggly which squelched the biggest fear I had...whew!


  1. I love that she had a specific plan for you. I can also tell you that I love going to both an MFM and an OB. Helps me feel like I'm doing everything I can. Wishing you all the best!

  2. Good, good, good! I'm glad to hear there is a plan in place and that she is a few steps ahead of you. That's how my regular OB is as well and I quite love that about her. She's all over my business and I am all about that. We have to be, ya know? Wishing the weeks to go by FAST!

  3. Wonderful news! Isn't it great when our doctors answer our questions before we ask them?!? Always makes me feel so good when that happens! So nice to hear your good news!

  4. So exciting! I like the plan you have in place and look forward to more great news!