Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Sweetest Sounds

Maxwell's babbling has gradually developed into increasingly distinct sounds, often hilariously combined at volumes ranging from low, barely audible, grumbles to ear piercing and surprisingly loud squeals. To say he is exploring sounds feels like an understatement! He has definitely mastered expressing him self with sounds despite his lack of words.

The squeaks, squeals and giggles of joy warm my heart and never fail to make me smile or laugh. His protesting grunts and rumbly grumbles of dissatisfaction get the point across even if they make me laugh hysterically! (Sorry's just too funny not to laugh!) It's not so hard to tell how M is feeling...the "why"is often a mystery though.

Three days ago the sweetest sound ever started coming out of my son! At first I wasn't sure and it was mixed in with his grumbles. Then it got more and more distinct and I sent video to family and friends for confirmation. Yes...they heard it too! Ma ma mama ma ma ma!

Granted he is using it as a part if his grumbles and "pay attention" grumblings and not as my name but he is saying it! I honestly have never heard anything sweeter.


  1. Yes! Mamamama is my favorite! I love to say, "That's right! I'm your mama!" everytime she babbles it.

  2. Love!!! It is such a heartwarming moment & only gets sweeter when they say it more! Thank you for your kind words earlier this week, they meant a lot!