Thursday, December 20, 2012


I am having a really hard time getting excited about Christmas...I'm not exactly bah-hum-bug screw the holidays grumpy but I am very indifferent. It's kind of sad because its Maxwell's 1st Christmas and I should be excited. Instead of going all out for the wee man we've done practically nothing. Haven't put a tree up, no Christmas carols playing and our only decoration up is a wreath on our front door.

I think part of the reason is I know we won't be here Xmas day (heading up to my parents). I'm sure if we were hosting I'd make some effort but I can't find the gumption this year. It's shameful really... I was able to get my act together last year in the wake of grieving the twins one year milestone and growing morning sickness. I guess my only saving grace is Maxwell is still so young and won't remember my slacking his first Christmas and we can take lots of pics at my parents house that will be decorated.

While decorating at this point is probably pointless, I will try to make a little effort in the next few days. Mandatory holiday music as I wrap presents (I did get the shopping done relatively easily) and maybe some baking before we head north.

I've got to try...the wee man deserves it! After all he is the best gift ever!


  1. I remember telling this to Keleen as well-- we would totally forego a tree as well if we had ANY family local.

    Maxwell is getting plenty of exposure to Christmas and I'm sure gobs of Christmas pictures will be taken. He won't remember...

    Be kind to yourself. I sat on the couch while Elliot decorated. That's how I handled things this year. I blogged about it, so I get credit, right? Hah.

    Merry Christmas you guys.

  2. We are the same here. No tree, no decorations...just don't have it in us. Mason will get it all at Grandma's house too. I'm actually really glad to hear we aren't the only ones. There seems to be a lot of pressure (more from myself I suppose) for this very first Christmas, but some day I believe we will be able to do all those things...this is just not that year.

  3. We're trying to pull it together because we agreed to host DH's family for Christmas Day dinner (doh!), but as it stands right now, the menu is not finalized, the tree is up in it's stand, sitting in the middle of the wrong room, no lights, no decorations, and the lifts on the house are only half done. All this for a day? Gads. Why we thought we'd be "better" and equipped to host a party our second Christmas after losing our twins is a mystery.

    Beautiful photo, by the way!