Sunday, December 19, 2010

Two Weeks...

How can it possible have been two weeks since my water broke? Two weeks since my baby boys made their far too early entrance into this world and then quickly departed?

How is it possible that two weeks ago I was in my home town surrounded by people I care about celebrating with a baby shower? How is it possible that after I got home from the shower my water broke!?!

The rawness of emotion I feel is if it were yesterday, not two weeks ago.

I will never forget you. I will always love you. I will always miss you.

William Patrick and Ethan Thomas
Two Pieces of My Heart
Two Pieces Missing and yet my heart continues to beat.

Please tell me how this is possible?

I have created this place to remember, share, explore, vent and cry. I will not apologize for my feelings. This place is for me. If you have found me or I invited you to visit please know that what I say is not intended to offend, hurt, upset or anger. These are my thoughts and feelings and I must honor them in order to work through my grief.

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  1. Did we lose our boys on the same day? Could it be?