Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blogger Ate My Post...

Last night I had a great post written out about Day of the Dead, the random winter storm we were hit with and how my brain has too much time to think this week. I hit "post," received and error message and it was gone. It seems posting from my iphone is not a good idea. So now I am on my pc and fingers crossed this works!

In summary...This week has been bizarre!
  • Saturday we had a crazy storm that dumped 4" of snow on us and brought down lots of branches, limbs and trees, caused major power outages and made life miserable for lots of people. We were power lost, only damage was the power line to the garage causing our car to be trapped until we could get an electrician here. Oh...our trees took a beating too. We now have a 6ft high pile of branches across the front of our property. Yikes! It is a miracle nothing worse happened!!!
  • My school has been without power and heat so no school until today. No more available snow days from now on so if this winter is snowy I need to say so-long to my spring beak. Plus, way too much free time lets my brain dwell in the "should-be" far too much. Sooo glad to go back to school today!!!
  • I am cycling again so I started my shots on Tuesday. Here we go again! I am trying not to think about it too much...just going with the flow.
  • Yesterday the family friend that is pregnant with twins came out on FB (so did her mom and husband) complete with u/s pics...lots of jealousy and please don't let the same thing happen to her thoughts.
  • Placed an order (finally) for the grave marker...hoping they can get this installed before the one year mark. Least favorite project...but soooo necessary.
I was dreading this winter's first snow storm but I am glad it came crazy early this year. Last year's first snow was the weekend I lost my sweet peas. An out of season snow fall was good for me...the association of snow and my boys is not strong now.

My heart is still heavy but the tears are not as quick to come. One day at a time...even if those days are flying by faster than they should!


  1. We don't live in the same part of the country-- as it appears you live out east, but I remember that terrible snowstorm of 2010 vividly. We both lost sons that day. It's like the clouds were bursting of emotion just as our hearts were being pulled from our chests.

    Glad you're safe and sure hoping for this cycle to create lifetime love(s) for you to hold.

    The grave marker. Agh. I still have moments of breathlessness when I turn my son's urn over to read the words, "Baby Wilson" on the back that were attached with a simple computer label.

  2. Thinking of you and your boys today and tomorrow...ugh another 4th and 5th of the month.

    The grave marker is so necessary, but you are right, it's my LEAST favorite project too. I am so envious that you have your ordered...maybe by this weekend...I think I can, I think I can...I will keep my fingers crossed that it is placed for you in time, I know how important that is.

    I also have my fingers crossed for you and this cycle!