Sunday, November 13, 2011

Whirlwind Mini-vaca...

Hubby and I just got back from a quick trip out to Las Vegas...and it was a wonderful break from the ever present "sad" that has been hanging around. Now, neither of us are huge gamblers, partyers or clubbers...we are actually early to bed/rise sort of folks so it is kind of unlikely vacation, but we had fun our way!

We arrived late Wednesday night and got settled in to our fantastic upgraded suite in Aria SkySuites and order room service. All I can say about our room! It was on the 52nd floor, had floor to ceiling windows in the living area and the bedroom (what a view), the bathroom was bigger than my bedroom at home and there is something magical about a heated toilet seat...just sayin.

Thursday we got up way early (still on East Coast time) and the best part is no one knows if you are up early or still up from the night before. We grabbed a very early breakfast and headed to the spa for a couples massage. We spent the rest of the day undoing the benefits of the spa by walking around the Vegas Strip. Seriously too much walking that left us hobbling the next day. We enjoyed a great dinner, walked (hobbled) around a bit more because we had to get up again early Friday for a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. Another wow!

Getting up early was sooo worth it for that helicopter ride. I will admit I was very nervous about being in a helicopter at first, but it was amazing!!! On the way out I was stuck in the middle so hubby got a better view, but on the way back the woman who was squished in the center with me got front row in sitting in the front row next to the pilot). Jaw dropping views the whole doesn't begin to cover it...but if you ever get a chance to take a heli tour do won't regret it!

Friday after dinner we spent a little time at the have to gamble a little if you are Vegas. I am not great at table games so off to the slots we went. I picked out a machine and started playing...I even cashed out with ten times what I started with! That sounds impressive but really I sat down at a penny slot machine with $1 and walked away with $11...but hey, it's $10 more than I started with, right!?! We called it a night relatively early since we had to rise and shine again on Saturday to fly home on the first flight back to NJ.

It was a quick trip that gave me a vacation from my reality, the ever-present sad and let me pampered a bit for a few days. Now that we have been back a full 24 hours I can feel the sad creep back in (finalizing the grave marker details pulled me back in to my grief for a bit) but I can't help but smile at our fun little Vegas trip filled with lots of great food, a sweet suite upgrade, the beauty of the Grand Canyon, a quick peak at some art, lots of walking around seeing all of the new stuff that has popped up in the last 5 years and the thrill of a heated toilet seat (yes it was definitely a highlight and I may need to invest in one for home it was that good).

Now I am awaiting cycle day 1 (which is late due to traveling I am sure, but could happen any minute now) so we can get ready for another transfer around Thanksgiving. The delay pushes us closer to a transfer near my boys' 1st birth/death days but it is what it is and I have to roll with what ever happens.

Here's hoping we brought back some luck from our trip to Vegas!


  1. In my opinion, these trips away together are required. Just to pass the time, we booked a random hotel in a random town in the middle of nowhere Iowa on an upcoming weekend. We have to do something because sitting around is just so hard. Sadness and anxiety and... and... everything is so hard!

    Sounds like a lovely getaway. Wishing you the absolute best on your upcoming transfer. Hoping for a keeper to give you hope during the dreadful holidays! :)

  2. I absolutely love las vegas. After Aiden and Sophie died, my hubby and I went there for our anniversary, and their due date. It is such a good distraction. I hate that the sadness creeps back in.
    I haven't been commenting lately, but I've been here reading and wishing and hoping for you.

  3. I LOVE Vegas! I gamble like you and am not a drinker, but it's just such a fun place! These kind of trips are so important and it doesnt hurt that grief seems to give us a little break while on them...even a little is so needed!

    Can't wait for your transfer. Sending only good thoughts your way and hoping it is t too close to that day in December...I'm not ready for that day either.

  4. Glad you had a nice getaway. Those trips are real sanity-savers. Fingers crossed for your transfer. The timing is tricky, but this year's day can't be worse than last year's, no matter what.

  5. Thinking of you! xo...