Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rolling with it...

Or at least trying to roll with the uncertainty that is inherent to another FET cycle. Cycle day one(aka my period) arrived finally so I get to get up bright and early tomorrow to go in to the RE's office before school to get day 3 blood work and u/s done. If this FET is anything like my last it could mean a transfer on day 19. This wouldn't be a big deal, except that day 19 is December sons' birthday. The very thought of that possibility is mind twisting. I will have to talk to my nurse to see what we can do about not having that as a transfer just doesn't feel right. There is also a (very good) possibility that my transfer could happen on any other day so I might be getting worked up over nothing. Oh the irony!

My mom is coming to visit tomorrow...I haven't seen her since September and it really has been too long. Of course, knowing my mom this will not be all fun. That is just how it goes with us. But enough time has passed that it will likely be more good than not.

One day at a time...just trying to roll with it.


  1. Thinking of you.. I may be following behind you with a FET in the next few months. Fuckity fuck fuck.

  2. Of course the 4th! Things always seem to land on the 4th and 5th...wish the rest of the world understood that nothing could happen on those days. The first due date they gave me was May 5th...when I asked the nurse to check again she said it was on the cusp between the 4th and 5th...are you kidding me!?!?! Luckily we will be induced before then, but man always those days! Hoping the timing is off and it really isn't on the 4th. ugh. Sending good thoughts your way and hoping something good comes from this December since we both know what a tough month it is already going to be!