Saturday, August 27, 2011

Getting prepared...

Hurricane Irene is heading up the coast and making a bee line for NYC...We live 14 miles west of the city and that's not a whole lot when a hurricane is supposed to hit. We are at a high enough elevation that flood worries are low but strong winds and heavy rain are huge concerns! Definitely hoping it is less powerful than predicted. Last night I drove down to the Atlantic City area to help evacuate my nephews and mother-in-law. It was probably the quickest trip on record for 6pm on a Friday during the summer! Usually the parkway is crawling due to everyone heading "down the shore." today we cleared the deck and yard of anything that could get blown away. Exciting stuff!

On a different note, preparations for my FET cycle have been delayed, again, hopefully by only a few days. This is not because of the hurricane, but because of my body. On Thursday I had bloodwork done to make sure I've ovulated and can start L.upron. Apparently I have not ovulated yet so we repeat the bloodwork Tuesday and go from there. Yet another hurdle in this process, hopefully just a small one!

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  1. Yikes. Sounds like you're doing your best to prepare. All we Midwesterners certainly have you all in our thoughts and are watching the weather closly too. I saw a heart shaped keychain today and thought of you. I would have bought it for you but it was kind of cheap looking compared to the beautiful things you've shown photos of on your blog.