Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So yesterday I received two disturbing pieces of information. Both made me feel old...I know I am no Spring chicken, but 36 isn't ancient but seriously!

The first was not so shocking, a good friend from high school (a high school BFF's older sister) has to drive her daughter to college today! Her granted this friend is 3 years older than me and her daughter was born the weekend I graduated from high school. This is news that makes me feel older, but not a real shocker.

The next tidbit was what I can not get over.

Another girl I knew from high school (same grade as previously mentioned friend, also 3 years older) became a grandmother yesterday....A GRANDMOTHER!!! WTF!!! I am still baffled and stunned by this news. It is actually a little sad, this new mommy is going to be a high school senior this year. And, um, there is a family history of this in that family. The new grandma's sister was in my grade but didn't graduate with me because she was about to have her own daughter (who also graduated from high school this year).

Still...someone I was on the cheerleading squad in 9th & 10th grade with is now a freaking grandmother. Seriously.

I know it is logistically all sorts of possible (clearly since it has happened) but it is so far from my reality. For crying out loud I am still trying to create my own (living) child and yet people I was friends with are grandparents. That is probably why it bothers me and absolutely boggles my brain.

PS- To anyone who kept my friend in their thoughts....thank you! I got the good news text that all tests are a-ok and the little one is still snuggled in tight. The only debate now is to find out the baby's sex now or wait until 18 weeks. Stay strong little one!

PPS- On a completely different note...drugs for FET have been received and if all goes with my bloodwork next Friday it officially is on like donkey kong!


  1. Dude, you are not old. And I'm venturing a guess that your babies will be happier, more productive, and better-adjusted than the grandbabies of your high school acquaintances. Wishing you best of luck with your bloodwork!

  2. Not old...time just marches on, nothing you can do about it. I wish I wasn't 40. Good luck with FET. I'll be starting a new one soon too.