Sunday, August 28, 2011


The last bits of Hurricane Irene are passing over and all in all it could have been much much much worse! We are safe, we have power and our house undamaged. Whew!

Our area received approximately 9.72" of rain and that caused a lot of flooding. We only had a bit of water leaking into our basement which is amazing since there was 6" in my backyard and the street was completely flooded. Our neighbor on one side had about 8" in their basement and the neighbor on the other side had over 4 feet! Lots of very large tree limbs came down but fortunately none in the immediate area took down power lines or hit houses. One especially large limb fell very close to our garage and broke part of our fence...not surprising since it is an old, plastic lattice fence. I hate that fence so maybe this is an excuse to get a new one.

So long Irene!


  1. Glad you escaped any significance damage. Fingers crossed that your luck continues and this cycle works out, too.

  2. Phew is right! So glad you got away basically unscathed. Thanks for the update!