Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sweet Footprints...

I love looking at my boys' footprints. It probably borders on an unhealthy obsession...but seriously...can you blame me? It is the least heartbreaking way to "look" at them. I have their photos, which were so kindly retouched by Heartprints Photo Retouching but it is so hard to look at them still...they are photos from after they were already gone. But those tiny little footprints make me smile!

But their footprints show no sign of death, or life for that matter, but it is proof that they existed. I played around with my blog layout today (because clearly lesson planning can wait...ha!) and created a new header. I used the heart logo from our March for Babies team t-shirt and their footprints. While I was designing the new header I came to realize that William has my hubby's flat feet and Ethan has my arch.

I had my repeat bloodwork done this morning and waiting for the call to see if tonight's the night...

Do I get to start my meds or not. I hope so...I am so ready to get this FET started!

On a very exciting note, I found out my friend caved and found out she is having a girl! Her son isn't so excited, but he's only 2 (almost 3) so any siblings are an abstract concept. Stay strong Baby Girl!!!

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  1. They make me smile too. There is a lot of personality in those footprints.