Friday, December 9, 2011

Another Momma has joined our ranks...

Through a friend I learned of another broken hearted momma who had to say good bye to her twin baby girls earlier this week. Since I have only just "met" her online through our mutual friend I want to respect her privacy and will not share the little I know. I will only ask you to keep her in your heart while she makes her way down this terrible, heart-breaking path.

I reached out to her as I wish someone could have when I lost William & Ethan. No one in my circles of friends had experienced infant loss and really had no idea what to do for me...but they did the best they could. It is my hope that maybe I can offer her a little bit of comfort.

I shared with her a link to this blog post that I have saved on my phone so I can read it often...
"For me on May 14th & for everyone who has lost a baby"


  1. Keeping you both in my thoughts.. sending love and light.

  2. Breaks my heart to hear this news, so grateful that you can be there for her. Please tell her she is not alone, and that we are so sorry she joined this club of babyloss twin mamas.