Friday, December 2, 2011

Going home...

Tomorrow we leave for my home town...we are going to them. We are going to be with family.

This week has been harder than I ever imagined. Just knowing that the one year mark loomed was so much to carry every day. Every day has brought more tears and more memories I haven't dared look back upon.

I still can not believe a year has passed so quickly. A year with out my William and Ethan.

Tomorrow will be the anniversary of the last full day I carried them. Sunday is their birthday, their first birthday. A year prior we made a similar journey for my baby shower. I was surrounded by friends and loved ones during the day and that night my water broke at 23 weeks 6 days. My sons were born a few hours later.

Tomorrow we go back with hopes that their grave marker will be in place. (Supposedly it will be installed no later than tomorrow...but I have learned that nothing ever goes as planned)


  1. Such a tough week. I am with you on this crazy ride of grief. My fingers and toes are crossed that their marker is in place, for them, for your family and for you. I will be thinking about you and your boys this weekend as we approach our first year.

  2. Sending love and light your way, and to William and Ethan also. I'll be lighting candles for your boys on Sunday.

  3. Three comments here from three ladies who all lost babies within 2 days of one another. :(

    Thinking of you and knowing what this journey feels like to miss them so much. With love.