Saturday, January 21, 2012

Facing the odds...

This morning on the news there was a story about one of the smallest premies going home with her family. This tiny baby girl was born, like my boys, at 24 weeks gestation and the numbers were definitely against her (and my sons). At 24 weeks a baby is considered viable, but barely...there is only 10% chance of survival, not taking in to account the ramifications of being born so small.

I am so jealous of that mom...her baby lived. At the same time I know the fear that she experienced as her baby was born much too soon. I had a glimpse of time spent in NICU with Ethan (even if only a day). I understand and have imagined the struggles of raising a micro premie...but my sons' lives ended before any of that became a reality.

The odds were not in our favor...and I don't know that I ever fully understood how small of a chance my babies had being born so early. I think I feel more stunned by this fact than sad. I am still devastated and sad that my boys are gone...that will never change.

I really do wish the best for that little girl and her family. While I know trade offs and bargains don't work this way... But if my boys couldn't get the chance to live, please let her beat the odds.

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  1. Such a wonderful miracle. I wish mine had been born at 24 weeks so they could have had a tiny chance at life. I hope this child is healthy and lives a long, wonderful life.