Monday, January 16, 2012

We have graduated!

This morning we got a peak at the (much larger than a) speck. With a nice strong heartbeat and measurements spot on we graduated from the RE and our next appointment us with my regular OB.


The first few days after our ultrasounds I feel pretty good about how things are going but by the time the night before the next appointment I am a nervous wreck again. Thankfully it isn't too long until my appointment with my regular OB (2/1). I am actually pretty anxious to speak with her about what plans we need to make to reduce my risk of preterm labor (more on that in another post) and what to expect for my level of care this time around.

Hubby is still convinced its a girl and is rather put out that we have to wait so long for confirmation! I'll laugh if he is wrong but even harder if he's right!


  1. Very thrilled for this news! :)

    Congrats on being graduated to the OB. Looking forward to hearing what they have to say for you as well. Keep us posted. Keep growing, baby!

  2. Woohoo! Keep on truckin', Mama!! <3

  3. Awesome news! Hope everything continues smoothly!!!!!