Friday, January 6, 2012

Feeling better...

I have had one nasty cold the past week and a half...and it has stirred up some interesting emotions.

As an art teacher with nearly five hundred students under the age of 7 I come in contact with icky germs quite frequently. Thankfully I have developed a pretty strong immunity to most of what comes my way. However, if I do catch some kind of cold it is usually a doozy that has me down for the count for nearly a week, sometimes more. Whatever I came in contact with last week (or more likely the last few days before the winter break) was mighty powerful.

This doesn't seem like it would be an emotional trigger, except it very much is. The last time I was sick was the week before I lost William and Ethan. On a Tuesday I started feeling yucky (sniffly, sore throat...typical cold) by Wednesday I was miserable so I took Thursday off. I knew my baby shower was on Saturday and all I wanted was to feel better so I wouldn't have to miss it! Friday I was feeling somewhat better but decided to take another day off to be safe and rest up. Of course Saturday I made it home for the shower and my boys were born that night. Was my illness a contributing factor in my pre-term labor? Who knows, but maybe.

Being sick (and pregnant) again caused some major anxiety the past two weeks. Thankfully the worst of my cold occurred while I was on break and could rest without having to worry about taking days off/writing up sub plans. It took quite a bit of energy to not worry too much about being sick. Battling the thoughts of "what if my cold did cause my pre-term labor again" is not good for my stress level not to mention worrying about my cold affecting this pregnancy.

Luckily I had blood work and an ultrasound far everything is ok. Whew.

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